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Celebration of Life

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Tracy Ann Collins (1966 – 2023), beloved and devoted wife, mother, daughter, and friend, passed away at home in Austin, Texas on April 9, 2023 after battling courageously and valiantly against a long illness. She is survived by her husband, Michael Thomas Collins, who was with her when she passed. She is also survived by her three children, Paul Michael Wolf and Thomas Russell Wolf, both of Austin, and Amanda Tracy Wolf of Denver, her father Warren James Broll of Dallas, and her stepson Steven Thomas Collins of Austin.

Tracy was a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, and friend, and a joy to all who knew her. Nothing in her life was more important than her family and close friends. She was also the love of her husband’s life. He feels so fortunate to have been with her for 17 years, and will always treasure every day of that time.

Tracy was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 26, 1966. Her family moved to Dallas in 1968, which is where she was raised. She was a bright, inquisitive, loving child. She was an excellent student and a popular high school cheerleader. She graduated from RL Turner High School in 1984. She then attended Texas A&M in College Station, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology Education in 1988. She subsequently received a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology from Texas Women’s University in Denton, Texas in 1994, completing her degree while raising one child and pregnant with another. That is just one example of her drive and determination.
Professionally, Tracy enjoyed working in both the education and speech pathology fields. While teaching biology at Greenhill School in Dallas, she found the time to earn her Master’s Degree, as referenced above. She then developed her own speech pathology business, which she practiced at home in order to be available for her children. She built this into a thriving business, focusing on pediatric patients, demonstrating again her great love of children. It gave her tremendous joy to help her patients overcome their speech issues so they could lead better, happier lives.

Her professional work did not distract her from being a wonderful parent to her children. She devoted herself to being a great mother. Tracy was always there for them. That was her top priority. All of them are now leading successful, happy adult lives, a living testament to Tracy’s never-ending devotion to them. Tracy was a mother that inspired greatness in her children without burdening then with expectations or getting involved in how they achieved their dreams. She allowed each of her children to find meaning in their lives by staying resolute in her support, whether through practical jokes, hours of heartfelt conversation, or simple gestures such as hugs. None of her children ever had any doubt that she loved them as she always ended conversations reassuring them that she loved them, which was the truest form of unconditional love for Tracy.

Tracy and her husband, Mike, met in 2006 and became very close quite quickly, culminating in their wedding day on January 1, 2008. They cooperatively continued to raise their family, while also finding the time to travel extensively as the children grew into young adults. Tracy and Mike were able to travel to New Zealand, Alaska, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, and most large cities in the United States. They also greatly enjoyed their time in their home away from home in Breckenridge, Colorado. They shared equally in every major family decision, and knew each other at the deepest level, and had a love that endured all and is never-ending.
Tracy was a devoted daughter to her dad, Warren Broll. Tracy and Warren had a unique loving connection throughout her life. They shared a delightful sense of humor. Their mutual respect enabled them to be trusted confidants. Their deep love was, and will always be, a profound beacon of joy.

Tracy also had an extensive circle of friends, many of whom she remained very close to from childhood, through the family raising years, and then continuing for her entire life. This is yet another example of her loyalty and devotion; she was very much a people person and all of her relationships gave her great joy.

Tracy will be missed by all who knew her, and her passing has left all who knew her well with gaping voids in our lives, and pain in our hearts. This will never go away for any of us, We have great memories to cherish that will help to sustain us going forward. In conclusion, Tracy was a joy to know, as devoted to those close to her as anyone could possibly be, and is tremendously missed by all.