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Amanda Wolf is a grade A designer. She has a keen eye for style, while creating a great story around the message you’re trying to portray. I was most impressed with her ability to hear my feedback and turn it into a reality. The content she has created for my business is going to enhance our credibility, increase our sales and drive ROI.


Co-Founder & COO | University Beyond 

“It’s important to have someone so caring and loving and has an amazing attention to detail. Throughout our process, Amanda was my therapist and my biggest support system in my creative process. She really helped me simplify and settle into what I wanted to be bringing out. I feel like my brand represents so fully, passionately, and powerfully exactly what I want it to express out in the world. Using something like Canva or some quick logo creation program was never going to transmit the energy I really wanted to bring out with my brand. “


Founder | Lighthouse Collective

“Incredible talent. Good eye, great design, perfect layout – also incredibly receptive to communication of ideas. Logo creation was just spot on the first time and then anything that we wanted to discus was just such an easy process, and implementation went so well. I highly recommend everybody working with her, she’s an incredible artist, a bright mind, and a wonderful communicator and the results speak for themselves.”



Founder | Elephant Collective

Amanda is officially the designer for all of my businesses and needs! I cannot express accurately how empowering this experience was! I felt, for the first time, someone who truly understood me (and understood me easily) and was able to bring my vision to life in exactly the way that I needed. She listened to me deeply, she lovingly guided me through the anxieties and doubts I had, and created something gorgeous that will last me a lifetime. She is a rare unicorn of a human and a designer, and I am so grateful to know her! 


Founder | The Healing Art Of Travel

“I’m so happy we chose Amanda to craft our video. It completely encompasses the message we were trying to get across, and its made a huge difference to our sales page and to our entire process. I would recommend her to anybody – if you’re looking for a really talented graphic designer, or somebody to help you craft videos for your offers or your brand – she is the woman to go to.”


Founder | Lena Elkins Coaching

“Amanda has an essence of pure creativity that emanates from her very being. Working with Amanda took all the anxiety and uncertainty out of trying to brand and design my Celestial Sisters business by myself. She was aligned with my vision the entire time, keeping me up to date on her progress daily until we settled on a design that excited us both, and I am extremely pleased with what she has presented me. I will be using Amanda for all of my future graphic design needs and I feel blessed to have someone so authentic on my team!”


Founder | Celestial Sisters & Seventh Circle

“Amanda did a spectacular logo design for my dance troupe. She was fast, professional, and extremely thorough. 10/10 would hire again!


Founder | Divinity

“Working with Amanda has been an amazing experience. Artists are given the complicated task of illustrating someone else’s idea of a design, and Amanda did this wonderfully. She created my design by incorporating the elements I was searching for and combining her own artistic talent. My logo truly represents my business, and I credit that to Amanda. She was fully available, and kept working on the design until I was satisfied. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”


Founder | LYFT; 

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